Better Wafers with Faster eBeam Write Times
The Dawn of the eBeam Decade | Lithography has been and continues to be one of the key engines of semiconductor innovation. Now, these innovations are in turn driving the need for innovative eBeam technologies.
About D2S | D2S is a supplier of a computational design platform to maximize existing eBeam technology to reduce mask costs for both low- and high-volume applications. D2S TrueMask® solutions enable advanced photomask designs at 28-nm-and-below process nodes using complex shapes for superior wafer quality but within practical, cost-effective write-times using existing eBeam mask writing equipment. D2S is the managing sponsor of the eBeam Initiative.
eBeam Initiative | D2S helped drive the creation of the eBeam Initiative, laying the foundation for an industry-wide ecosystem to accelerate the development of eBeam technology. >>visit
TrueMask® MDP Delivers Best Depth of Focus with Reduced Shot Count
The base study and illustrations are courtesy of Byung-Gook Kim, et al., PMJ 2009. The purple dashed lines represent the DOF benefits achievable with TrueMask MDP with the reduced shot count.